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This website features a series of black and white photographs that my friends and I took back in the second half of 1978 and in the first half of 1979 when cruising Van Nuys Blvd. on a Wednesday night was the thing to do. Almost all of the photos were taken from the sidewalk northwest of the intersection of Van Nuys Blvd. and Gilmore Street. The photo collection depicts some of the people and vehicles that made this such a great and memorable event here in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles), California. While some of the people in these photos took it upon themselves to “pose” for the camera, we feel that these shots truly reflect what it was like to cruise the boulevard back in the day. We hope you enjoy them!

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Photo Galleries. On our main Photo Galleries page you will find links to our sets of photos. Each gallery contains about 12 photos and more galleries will be posted as time permits (note: I have about 500 photos in my collection and all of these photographs, derived from the original negatives, have to be painstakingly prepped and spotted before posting). These photos can be viewed as is, individually enlarged and advanced manually, or they can be presented in a timed slideshow format.

Stories. This section of the website has two parts: (1) our very brief VNB Cruising History page and (2) our My Photo Project page that relates the story of how and why the photos were taken. If you would like add your own remembrances about cruising The Blvd., we invite you to join our Facebook Group (note: this is a closed group to control spam and unrelated posts).

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Store. This is where you will find some various items that we have for sale including prints of photos from my collection (note: contributor photos are not for sale by this site). For more information, please see our Store page.

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